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May 20, 2017

I recently participated in an early test of a great new Microsoft service called It is an interesting service that schedules meetings for you. 

When you want to schedule a meeting, email the people you want to meet with and copy Based on their responses your scheduling robot schedules the meeting for you.

If you need to include things like a dial in number for the call, if you include that in your email, Cortana will include it in the meeting invitation. Need to change the meeting? Just email cortana.

It's like having your own robot assistant.

What about FindTime?

You might be asking, "what about FindTime?" FindTime is another Microsoft service designed for scheduling meetings between people at different companies that cannot see each other's Exchange calendars. FindTime allows me to suggest some times open on my calendar, send a meeting poll to attendees, and then automatically schedule an office 365 appointment. For business scenarios, I prefer FindTime. However, I think is useful for some specific other scenarios.

  • Scheduling meetings with people who are resistant to voting in FindTime
  • Individuals and small businesses that don't have Office365
  • Non-corporate meetings where the attendees don't have Exchange
  • College students
  • Meetings for personal purposes (parties, church groups, PTA, etc).
  • Quick/casual get-togethers

For these scenarios, I find to be extremely helpful.

Sign up code

For now, is in an exclusive preview. If you would like to use this service, the first 100 people who use the code “IceCreamCake” when they sign up at will skip the waiting list.